Mini “New Beginnings” Ganesh Meditation Altar


This mini altar can be set up anywhere at home or your desk at work, to remind you during meditaiton or your daily life, that each day is a new beginning and possibilities abound.

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This altar includes: one MIni Ganesh Statue : Ganesh is The Hindu Lord of New Beginnings, is for Good Luck and is The Remover of All Obstacles and one “Possiblity” river stone.

Small tumbles crystals: Carnelian – for Creativity, Amethyst – for Tranquility and Healing, Moonstone – for New Beginnings and Intuition, Blue Kyanite – for Self Expression

Please Note: All crystal healing uses and metaphysical definitions are provided for your education. Using crystals as spiritual supports to healing should not replace conventional health care.

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