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Welcome to the Badawang Art online shopping place.

Bringing you handmade items that beautify and inspire your life.

Badawang Art was established in 1991. It began after many years of working as an artist and a teacher. My love of art, culture and travel took me to Bali, Indonesia in 1989. I began traveling all over the Far East and continued to do so for 20 years, twice a year, to design and import unique handmade items from Indonesia, Nepal, India, Thailand and Africa.

Today, Badawang Art still showcases handcrafted goods from the Far East, Africa and America.

With an artist’s eye, I select for you, products that have either one or more of these features: Excellent quality, handmade, exotic, sophisticated, elegant, inspirational or restorative. Enjoy the beauty of handmade things. Each one is slightly different.

Have fun shopping and feel free to contact me at the store in Summit, NJ via e-mail, Facebook
or telephone at 908-918-9252.

With Gratitude,
Carol Schoffmann
Badawang Art
Established in 1991

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