Silver “Om Mane Padme Hung” Prayer Box Necklace


The Tibetan “Hung” symbol is taken from the ancient Tibetan mantra or prayer, ‘Om Mane Padme Hung (Hum)’, which means ‘Hail To The Jewel In The Lotus’. It is believed that all the essential teachings of Buddha are contained in this mantra. The mantra is the path to transform one’s impure mind and body into a pure one, exalted in speech and mind of Buddha, through detachment.

It is said, when used in meditation daily, this mantra can remove negative karma and thoughts, helping one to acheive awareness and enlightenment. ‘Hung’ means indivisibility, something that can not be torn apart. It is a reminder that each one of us has purity within us.

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This sterling silver prayer box is on an 18″ sterling silver chain. Handcrafted in Nepal.

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